On Monday 9 July Kier Construction Eastern invited the Waterbeach Primary School’s Student Council to join us at our head office so we could introduce them to their new primary school extension using BIM and our VR headset. Design Manager, Rob Toon, has been working with the student council over the past few months helping them learn about the design phase of a construction project by encouraging them and their class mates to design their ‘dream school’. Then, through the use of BIM, we were able to bring their design to life and show them their dream school. Even better, every one of the pupils on the student council were able to jump inside the design using the VR headset and compare their dream school to the real life school design.

An incredibly rewarding day showcasing the true value of digital technology in construction, and an amazing opportunity to educate future generations on the different job roles the construction industry has to offer. It was wonderful to see so many pupils asking our BIM Coordinator, Rebecca Dunn, about her role at Kier at the end of the day.