As works progress on site Kieran decided it was time to pay the pupils at Fulbourn Primary School a visit to teach them the importance of Health and Safety on site. SHE Advisor, Marie Smith, and Senior Site Manager, James Wood, joined Kieran to show the pupils what personal protective equipment site staff use and why they need them.

Marie began the assembly by testing the pupils safety knowledge and asking them what protective clothing they thought was needed in order to be safe on site. Kieran then picked a willing volunteer from the crowd to stand up and try on PPE while Marie demonstrated what each bit of equipment was, what it was used for and how it protects the site team.

As the assembly came to an end James announced the hoarding colouring competition while Kieran acted the clown behind him, and the assembly was wrapped up with a bit of “dabbing” (pictured bottom right) from Kieran.